Educator's Workshop

Schools and academic settings interested in experiential activities to promote community building to help support programs such as Restorative Discipline, Emotional Intelligence and the Sanctuary model can contact us to schedule a free consultation to discuss performance outcomes. After the initial consultation, our Educational Specialist will custom design the workshop to meet your needs. Workshop participants can expect at a minimum:
  • Activities that engage and challenge learners with an understanding of activity themes and how to apply the activities to desired group goals.
  • Sequencing activities toward specific group goals such as effective communication, social/emotional skills, collaboration etc., with respect to social and emotional safety domains.
  • Reflection skills – connecting the activities to learning with application to real life.
  • An interactive workshop Participants experience and walk away with activities that can be used immediately with little or no props.
  • Collaborative brainstorming – using activities to support academics and review /assess learning objectives.

Please see our training page for open enrollment training and certification opportunities and for more information on hosting a training at your site.

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