"Your Personal Full Service Challenge Course Provider"

Your Personal Full Service Challenge Course Provider

Design and Installation

Custom Built From the Ground Up

With more than 50 years of combined building experience between our owners and master carpenter, you are guaranteed high quality craftsmanship and service. We will walk you through the process to create a custom designed challenge course, adventure park or canopy/zip line tour that fits your unique ideas, needs, goals, clientele, and site requirements. Our engineers (including our owner, Josh Tod) make certain that your course is designed to ACCT standards and is structurally sound from the ground up.


Custom Training Workshops

Training Philosophy ~ We offer high quality trainings that meet the recognized industry standards for challenge course and canopy/zip line tour requirements for practitioners. We customize the training to fit the needs of the organization, facility, and staff. We believe it is important not to economize on training, so we work with you to recommend and create a desirable outcome that will meet your training objectives and program goals.


Tier One Hardware, Tier One Software

We carry top equipment. Everything you need for climbing walls, towers, canopy/zip line tours and challenge course elements, all at great prices. We can provide any and all hardware and materials, from SRDs to cable clamps, steel cable, and all manner of personal protective equipment from the highest quality manufacturers. Combined with the right training, your facility will have all the right hardware and software to ensure smooth and safe operation.

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