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Low Inventory/Out of Stock Items

Thank you for ordering products through our online store. If you were unable to order something from the store that you need, please use the "Order special instructions" box above to request the item and quantity that you need.  We will be in touch about when the item can be made available.

Availability Notice

Due to on-going supply chain issues, your order request may not be immediately available. We will notify you once your order has been reviewed and provide updates on availability, lead time, and shipping rates. No payment is required at check out. You will be invoiced once availability has been confirmed and your items have shipped.

Create an Account

You will be asked to create an account in order to check out.  This will allow us to easily process future order requests AND will allow you to easily access all of your orders going forward so if you ever need to know how much rope you ordered last time or what type of carabiners, you'll easily be able to check your order history right from your account.

Tax Exempt

If your organization is tax exempt, please email your tax-exempt form to info@ropeworksinc.com so we can apply it to your order.  We will need an updated copy of this form at the beginning of every year.

Please see our training page for open enrollment training and certification opportunities and for more information on hosting a training at your site.

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