Design & Installation

Custom Built from the Ground Up

Our installation experience is as old as the challenge course industry, and we are proud of this! Our owners, master carpenters, and lead installers grew up building with their parents when the challenge course industry was first being established in the United States. You are guaranteed high quality craftsmanship and service when you partner to work with us. We will help you design a custom challenge course, adventure park or zip line tour that meets your unique needs, goals, and site requirements. Our engineers, including owner Josh Tod, make certain your course is designed to industry standards including those set forth by the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) while incorporating any particular components required in the design or installation process by the authority having jurisdiction in your area.

Designing systems with your future operations in mind. We will walk you through the process to create a custom designed challenge course, adventure park or canopy/zip line tour that fits your unique ideas, needs, goals, clientele, and site requirements. Our engineers (including our owner, Josh Tod) make certain that your course is designed to ACCT and other applicable standards ensuring it is structurally sound from the ground up.

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What is your delivery approach for the participant or guest experience?

  • Facilitated

    This type of installation focuses on a traditional use challenge course often referred to as a low or high "ropes course". This is the foundational approach for group development programs where participants engage in adventure based learning through the use of constructed elements close to the ground or up in the air. Trained staff, often referred to as facilitators, are responsible for the group's experience and learning outcomes. 

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  • Guided

    Participants engage in a guided tour by trained staff.  This is typically an established route or set tour where the organization's personnel are directly responsible for supervising the participants throughout the course of the tour. Zipline and Canopy Tours are a common type of experience for a guided course. 

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  • Self-Guided

    Trained staff monitor the participant's activity throughout the duration of the experiential program. This type of installation typically presents multiple options or routes for the participants to choose as they go through the high course elements. These systems can be designed with various types of limited fall systems to enable participants to move throughout the challenges. Our design staff would be happy to talk you through which options would be best for your organization. 

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