Operational Review


Are you meeting the requirement of having your operations reviewed every five years by a third party? Annually organizations request their structural inspection; however, most organizations have not prepared or enlisted the five-year operational review component. 


It is an industry standard, YES BUT, I do not believe I have heard of this before, WELL it has been around in the standards since the beginning of dirt. 

Another Why: Most incidents occur because of the human (the operator, staff, facilitator) and not the structure. We are very pleased structures are being inspected; however, we want to help encourage you to have your operations reviewed too. 


Ask a qualified person within an organization similar to yours to take a look at your operations and provide valuable feedback. Peer to peer feedback is a great way to begin this process AND you can hire a qualified person to provide a professional operational review/audit of your facility AND you can also hire an approved operational reviewer to apply for ACCT Operation Accreditation. Visit ​​https://www.acctinfo.org/page/OperationAccreditation for more information. We would be happy to discuss options with you, we just want you to make sure your organization is having a third party review every five (5) years. 

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