ANSI (American National Standards Institute) rated gear meets American design and testing safety standards for Personal Protective Equipment.  Reciprocity between ANSI and OSHA allows OSHA inspectors to more readily recognize ANSI rated equipment as valid PPE for employees at adventure parks and challenge courses, on zip lines and canopy tours, and for route setters working in climbing gyms. 

A common industry practice is to contain the participant in a system that keeps them upright and secure in their containment system. Since the late 1900’s seat harnesses have been widely and successfully used in the Aerial Adventure Industry; however, in modern times, there are many ways to contain the participant and be able to sleep well at night knowing your operations are keeping up with modern times. This might be a seat/chest combination or a participant full body harness. A participant full body harness does not have the same rigorous ANSI requirements or price point that a staff harness has for employees that work at height. We believe and highly recommend your operations should evaluate your current practices and determine if any modifications are necessary with participant harnesses at your site.

The ACCT was established in 1993, and has been setting standards developed by the international challenge course, zip line, and aerial adventure industry since 1994.  The ACCT is an international trade organization with a diverse global membership of individuals, businesses and stakeholders. The ACCT Standard is written and maintained by an international community of professionals; 9 editions have been produced since 1994, including the ANSI/ACCTI 03-2016 Standard that was approved in 2016.  Most recently the 9th Edition edits were approved and the current publication is the ANSI/ACCT 03-2019 version. 

Why should you be interested in these standard publications? Because they help determine your installation, inspection, and operations at your site. The current publication includes standards in the following areas:  

Design, Performance, & Inspection Standards

Operation Standards

Training Standards

Additionally, the ACCT has published guidelines that define the requirements for Qualified Course Professionals (QCP) in the areas of Designer, Installer, Inspector, and Trainer/Tester. There are also accreditation programs for providers of the above services, professional inspector certification, and program operations.