Custom Training

  • Basic Skills: This training supports first time practitioners, new course installations, existing courses looking to train additional staff members, or anyone that is looking to develop the basic technical mechanics of challenge course operations.
  • Advanced Skills: This training is appropriate for experienced practitioners looking to deepen their understanding of supportive theory and further develop their technical skills. The practitioner will add to his or her repertoire of technical skills needed to effectively and efficiently operate a challenge adventure program along with identifying leadership styles and characteristics to effectively collaborate and/or mentor other practitioners.  An emphasis will be placed on deepening technical skill sets allowing the practitioner to reason and synthesize broad ranges of information applicable to non-routine situations.
  • Skill Review and Audits: This is a one-day course for your staff to associate with a professional trainer and review skill sets, update practitioners on the most recent industry information and standards, and provide a skill audit for the staff operating your programs and tours. *Staff must have received training by a professional challenge course provider and facilitated program delivery to participants.

Please see our training page for open enrollment training and certification opportunities and for more information on hosting a training at your site.

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